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Vegetable stores, product storages of agriculture, storages of vegetables, maintainances of fruit, cooling chambers, frosters


 By us the issue of the specialized door is also mastered for a refrigeration and refrigerator chamber with the use of components of the Italian firm MTH. A wide model row and manufacturability after the sizes of customer opens new possibility. Materials of door: polyethylene, aluminium, polyurethane.

Spraying of hard polyurethane foam(PPU) is the most effective technology of causing of heat-insulation coverages on-the-spot large area or surface with difficult relief. Spraying takes place by the special equipment straight on the object of customer. The got coverage shows by itself a jointless homogeneous cover from hard PPU, got as a result of mixing of two components at their coevaporation on a surface that is insulated. On the face of it technology of napyleniya is very alike with technology of painting of surface a sprayer. Hardening of coverage takes place in a flow 3 - 40 seconds. Spraying can be inflicted in a few layers to the required achievement of thickness of coverage which answers a heating engineering calculation.


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