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warming of dwellings apartments, heat insulation of mansards

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Dwellings apartments, mansards, thermo-insulation of roof, warming of mansard, warming of dwelling-houses, warming of industrial buildings


 By us the issue of the specialized door is also mastered for a refrigeration and refrigerator chamber with the use of components of the Italian firm MTH. A wide model row and manufacturability after the sizes of customer opens new possibility. Materials of door: polyethylene, aluminium, polyurethane.

The use of polyurethane for the isolation of roof found a wide use in the countries of Western Europe and USA during the last 25 years. A basic idea and decision advantage of this method consists in that except for spraying of heat-insulation pressurizing of roof is produced, while in the case of ordinary flat roof it is needed it would be to pawn a few layers of different materials which execute a different function.


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