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heat insulation of car body, treatment of semitrailers, renewal of refrigerators

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treatment of semitrailers, renewal of refrigerators


 The large segment of market of our technology occupies such types of work, as repair or production of small architectural form (booths, trays, point-of-sale pavilions) and also trailers, semitrailers, termo-carbody, carriages. In most cases it is work on renewal, or thermo-insulation of wall of ceilings, chaffs, with subsequent treatment of chaffs proof to elimination and influence chemical matters by a paint or polymochevines. In respect of trailers and refrigerator carriages that there are the prepared technical decisions on repair mainly chaffs which was added of long duration influence of the mechanical loading at handling operations. Floor and possibly part of wall need partial or complete replacement from by a maintainance heating engineering and mechanical description.

Refrigerator of car body, intended for transportation of loads which require especially exact and assured control climate in the process of transporting and storage. Can be used for transportation of loads of any complication, in any climatic terms.


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